‘Best Food by Tom Maltom’ proclaims the sign above the door. Unfortunately for you, dearest diner, Tom has clearly left the building. Forget fine food and gourmet grazing Sphinx is somewhere between a glorified pizzeria and a sit-down kebab shop. So the male staff look smart in their white shirts and braces, but they’re not fooling anyone. The menu here is confounding in choice, yet everything transpires as little more than endless combos of shredded meat, cabbage and carrots – every bit as tiring as it sounds.  


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Sphinx Comments

  • It reminds me of the food from Disney Land. They give you alot but then you don't want anymore after the first few bites...Why is it that all the staff is male btw?


Open 11:00-23:00, Fri, Sat 11:00-24:00.


Al. Jerozolimskie 42


(+48) 22 826 07 50



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