Wrocław Nightlife

Wrocław NightlifeEverybody dance now.
Wroclaw bars are flexible - no matter what the official closing times are, most will stay open until the last customer has crawled out. The lion's share are concentrated around the Old Town market square, but for more alternative drinking destinations also check out the divey tippler's strip below the ul. Bogusławskiego train tressle (F-5), and destinations west of the market square, namely the clubs on ul. Św. Mikołaja (A-3), the hip cafe/bars on ul. Włodkowica (A-4), and the hedonistic courtyards off ul. Ruska, including Pasaż Niepolda (E-4). Recently, ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich (A-3) has also emerged a one of the city's most happening alternative streets. Happy hangover.

Here are some recommendations to start you on the path to drunken delinquency:

Too many to mention, but notes of distinction go to Wrocław stalwarts Papa Bar, Pod Papugami and JazzdaBed Club and Domówka are currently the most exclusive catwalks for celebrity spotting and being seen.

The courtyards off ul. Ruska, particularly Pasaz Niepolda, are full of student bars and clubs with Niebo standing out as the area's most damn-the-torpedoes dawn-breaker. Szajba and Manana are two of the best locales for spontaneous booty-shaking, or visit Zakład Usług Piwnych or Mleczarnia to mingle with a more civilised crowd.

Guinness or Winners for football, food and beer, while Spiż and Bierhalle (see Breweries) serve similar roles with extra sausages and rowdier results. Make friends over Pro Evo in Padbar, head to Pasaz Niepolda off ul. Ruska (E-4) for the easiest pub crawl in town, and don't miss trying one of the Polish Snacks & Shots spots in town like Nagi Kamerdyner.

Show off by starting the night with a drink in Papa Bar, or a glass of wine in OK Wine Bar. Keep things going with jazz at Ragtime (see Live Music), a cuddle in Graciarnia, or a turn on the dance-floor at Schody Donikąd.

Regular presentations on how to be a Polish hipster are given in KRVN, Lot Kury and Art Cafe Kalambur (Clubs).

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