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Wrocław Hotels

Wrocław HotelsKlearchos Kapoutsis/ BY 2.0
No matter what end of the price spectrum you're able to entertain, in Wrocław you have plenty of options from 5-star presidentials to budget boarding houses, boutique B&Bs to boisterous hostels, historic apartments to business suites. The market is positively flooded with hotel rooms (well over 3,500), with several new options opening each year. As much as we'd like to, we simply can't list all of them in our printed guide, however you can find a more comprehensive list of Wrocław's accommodation options on our website and mobile application.

With the increasing irrelevance of official rack rates these days due to online booking discounts, special offers and other price variations, we no longer find it particularly instructive to list room prices in our guide. Case in point, anyone who uses the Hotel Calculator function on our website – – will find a better rate than the official prices we once printed; as such, we encourage you to do just that (and you can thank us later).

Accommodation is categorised here subjectively based on a combination of lodging type, location, price and amenities, and in our print guide we only list those lodgings that we most recommend to tourists.

Below is a list of some recommendations to help you find what you're looking for:

The most expensive suite in town remains that of the Monopol; moneyed megalomaniacs will enjoy striding the balcony of room 113, which was built especially for Hitler to address the crowds below in 1937. The Radisson remains a top choice, not least for its dining options, while for more custom care spread out in the luxury boutique suites of the Granary.

In Wrocław, cheap never has to be a byword for poor quality. Hostel standards have sky-rocketed and a stay at Mleczarnia or Grampa's is recommended. If you want something more private and upscale, Cilantro Bed & Breakfast offers very high standards at shockingly affordable prices.

The Campanile is a decent option: large, well-priced and happy to except groups; likewise the Scandic and Novotel. A great location and gadgets galore can be found at PURO, but if the budget is tight and location is key you can’t do better than The One Hostel the only hostel located smack on the market square.

Europeum is a class choice at a price that won’t break the bank, while Art Hotel is a plush boutique full of personal touches. If you’re really trying to impress, check out the personalised service of the Granary or the city’s signature hotel – the Monopol, with on-site spa, terrace wine bar and excellent restaurant.

An apartment should be your first choice and Leopart and Wrocław Capital Apartments have a fine selection. Note that Mleczarnia is also happy to accommodate families and even pets in their private rooms.


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