Centrum Kuchni Polskiej

Centrum Kuchni Polskiej
This large self-service canteen may lack sophistication, but the food – plates of meat and veg – has won a loyal student following. Everything is priced at 2.59zł per 100 grams, with your bill worked out once you reach the end of the queue. Fast, easy, affordable, good. Additional locations in Magnolia Park and Pasaż Grunwaldzki.

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Centrum Kuchni Polskiej Comments

  • I'm NOT a fan of buffet style dining but this place was surprisingly good. Greenway was next to or very near Multifood and I went there first but the staff was so rude there so I left and just took a chance on Multifood. I only wanted vegetables and salads and there was a huge selection of non-meat dishes. I was there in summer so the veggies all tasted very fresh. It was an inexpensive option that I took advantage of 3 times during my 2-week stay in Wroclaw. The staff was patient and friendly with all of the clueless non-Polish speaking patrons standing in the long line to check out as opposed to the rude people working in Greenway.


Open 10:00 - 19:00.


ul. Kuźnicza 10


(+48) 796 02 42 89



Takeaway Outside seating Facilities for disabled Non-smoking

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