Wrocław has a surprisingly sizable Greek population, which explains the number of upscale Greek restaurants right around the Rynek, Akropolis foremost among them. No breezy seaside villa decor here - Akropolis is all dark wood, wine-warm elegance almost compelling you to buy an obligatory bottle of red. The atmosphere is a bit of a throwback and has a certain Cosa Nostra appeal, with well-dressed patrons wining and dining their dames in what is still one of the best ethnic restaurants in the region. The menu of seafood and Greek meats from the grill hits the mark - we ordered lamb and were not disappointed. 


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Akropolis Comments

  • WOW! What a treat! Thank you IYP. I almost avoided this place because of the "cigarette-smoking patrons" comments in your review but I was the only customer in the restaurant at 8:30 on a Sunday evening so smoke was NOT a problem. I was worried about being the only customer because other restaurants nearby were somewhat busy so I assumed that that was not a good sign but it turned out well. I started with the spinach and feta and it was fairly delicious even though the feta was a bit over-seasoned. (I cannot get decent feta in Japan so maybe that had something to do with my pleasure.) The pork souvlaki was very tasty even though I did not understand the sauce that came with it. The pork was excellent and cooked perfectly. The Greek salad was also a success. I have found that you cannot go wrong with produce in Poland in summer. I would say that you can skip the bread if they offer it. I love bread and eat it often but it did not even come close to matching the quality of the rest of the meal. Why bother wasting stomach space with so-so bread when all of the other food is so amazing? Oh, it had a funky taste to it. It was like thick sandwich bread that had been grilled on a heated surface where meat had been cooked minutes before. The entire experience was well-worth it though. No regrets...


Open 12:00 - 23:00.


Rynek 16/17


(+48) 71 343 14 13



Wi-fi Takeaway Non-smoking

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