Mexico Bar

Unfortunately, here in PL, the temptation is to adapt ethnic cuisine to the ‘Polish palate’. All too often huge effort and no doubt expense is expended on the cosmetic details with much less attention paid to what gets served up on your plate. Mexico Bar is a case in point. The bright, compact hacienda-style interior is decorated with lots of cacti, Aztec masks and Corona bottles chandeliers, giving a positive first impression, however the anti-climax appears the moment inauthentic, tasteless food arrives. We would like to believe that we’d be just as critical if we were eating at a Polish restaurant outside of Poland. All that however doesn’t stop this place turning tables on a regular basis with the locals evidently more than happy with what they get.


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Mexico Bar Comments

  • This is a ridiculous commentary. We do not use mayonnaise in our guacamole or tomato paste in our salsa. We never substitute our ingredients or cheapen our preparation with inferior substitutes. I stress this and friendliness to our guests at all times with extreme diligence.
  • I'm from San Diego and I was just passing through lovely Wroclaw and stopped by Abrams' Tower having read about it In Your Pocket. Down in San Diego there seems to be Mexican food on every corner. The chips we had were authentic like we know in SD, deep fried, homemade. Never found this before in our travels. The green salsa that they served was smooth and perfect. I've spent time in New York and not found any Mexican food that is particularly appealing or really Mexican. Fajitas and a lot of Mexican food is oily, especially tacos. Hard shell tacos are artificial. A real one as we know, like the chips made from the same corn tortillas is deep fried in oil or there is the "soft" taco type which is a heated soft corn tortilla without the oil. Guacamole is not made with mayonnaise and I didn't notice any in what we had. The chef in the kitchen was very gracious when we left and complimented him and the owner was so helpful he gave us tips on finding our way around town.
  • I had just the opposite experience. While Abrams' Tower (your choice here for best Mexican) is "interesting" what was supposed to be guacamole was hard avocados blended with mayonnaise. The red salsa was some doctored up tomato paste with a crunchy texture. The fajitas were very good but not terribly authentic and swimming, no SWIMMING in oil. And the manager and chef didn't even bother to say hello and were both quite rude.On the other hand, Mexico Bar had some nice touches. A wonderful taco (with a hard shell unfortuneately) acceptable tamales and a rather nice enchilada. Even though the food wasn't 100% authentic it was the best I'd tasted on the European continent and they treated me with kindness and great service.


Open 12:00 - 22:00, Thu 12:00 - 22:30, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 23:30.


ul. Rzeźnicza 34


(+48) 71 346 02 92


Wi-fi Takeaway Outside seating Child-friendly Non-smoking

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