The Mexican

The Mexican
It keeps getting worse. Most recently, we accompanied a friend who, gringo that she is, went ahead and ordered a vegetarian burrito. The results? A flour tortilla filled with frozen peas and carrots on a bed of kraut, topped with wimpy salsa and guacamole. Difficult to look at, so we can't imagine her difficulty in eating it, an endeavour that didn't progress very far. Home to expensive, flaccid margaritas craftily clogged with ice and lemon slices, barely a trace of tequila and rimmed with sugar (ay caramba), The Mexican is a constant embarrassment. A vibrant atmosphere where the waitresses have winning midriffs, this could be a fun place for lads to have a few beers, but we strongly advise against anything else.


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The Mexican Comments

  • Personel był przyjazny i miał oryginalne stroje Meksyku, jedzenie zamiast czasem uczyniły go bardzo ostre.
  • Unfortunately, your worst case scenario anticipations of this joint hit the nail on the head. The tortilla chips which the menu mistakenly calls "nachos" were crushed right out of a store-bought package, the guacamole was a creamy paste mostly garlic flavour, the chicken tacos were packed only with crushed kidney beans which the waiter claimed also had GRAINS of chicken mixed inside that could not be tasted and a very large strawberry margarita had frozen strawberries on the bottom without a hint of alcohol taste in what otherwise seemed like iced water. And, of course, there was cabbage based salad on the side.....


Open 11:30 - 24:00, Mon, Tue 12:30 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 01:00.


ul. Szewska 61/62


(+48) 516 06 93 33


Wi-fi Takeaway Live Music Outside seating Child-friendly Smoking place

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