Wrocław Shopping

Wrocław ShoppingThe Hala Targowa indoor market
Retail opportunities have come a long way since the days of queuing around the corner for the off-chance of buying a crust of bread. Today Wrocław's shop-fronts are stocked with everything you'd expect to find in a cosmopolitan metropolis, with bountiful pedestrian shopping opportunities around the market square, ulica Świdnicka and ulica Oławska. Odrzańska, Kiełbaśnicza and Mikołaja streets are home to upmarket boutiques and galleries, Jatki is known for its row of artisan galleries, and souvenir hunters will find plenty in the small stores hidden along the avenues underneath the Town Hall. For familiar international labels and big brands, look no further than one of Wrocław's glistening new shopping malls; there are several comfortably within the city centre, while Magnolia Park is Wrocław's largest consumer temple, a short cab ride away. Lastly, don't miss visiting Hala Targowa for a truly Polish cultural experience while catching a bargain. As this is PL, remember most shops close early on Saturday and take Sunday off altogether.

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