Centennial Hall and Parks

Centennial Hall and ParksPhoto: Stanisław Klimek
Once you’ve finished ogling the Old Town and Ostrów Tumski, there’s one more district of this fine city that visitors will be poorer heading home without having seen. Just east of the city centre lie a clutch of outdoor attractions surrounding Szczynicki Park and the Centennial Exhibition Complex, including Wrocław’s only UNESCO site, the country’s oldest zoo, the Japanese Garden and the city’s latest ‘tell-me-that-you-love-me’ tourist lure, the Pergola Fountain. Intended as a city showpiece since its creation, the area east of the Odra long held a somewhat lukewarm public standing thanks to dubious historical connotations and debatable aesthetic appeal; however recent renovations, the UNESCO nod and the addition of the magnificent multimedia fountain (operating May-October) have made it a favourite place of locals and cemented its place as a Wrocław must-see. 

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