We’ve seen cupboards bigger than this place, and if you bring more than a couple of friends here you’ll be drinking on the doorstep – or with the regulars on the rattan-clad terrace. In fact, it’s so tiny, you’re only going to recognize this place by the glittery lights that hang outside, impinging on the Góral Burger sign next door. They do serve Guinness here, but that’s no guarantee the staff know how to pour it.

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Anemon Comments

  • Just come back from Zakopane and have to say this very little bar was the best! Very friendly and full of atmosphere. For a such a little place the bar was packed with a huge choice of drinks. The music was chilled out and we found it really relaxing after a day's skiing.
  • They do pour the local beer extremely well, though! The bar may be small but it is very welcoming and particularly well stocked. I've never had anything other than great times there!


Open 11:00-24:00.


ul. Krupówki 38


(+48) 18 201 53 90

Credit Cards Wi-fi Air-conditioning

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