All the following have indoor and outdoor courts. The outdoor courts are not supposed to open officially until May 1, but if the weather is good they sometimes open earlier. Prices vary but expect to pay around 350Kč an hour for a court.

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Bendvik - Michal Vecko

 Praha 1, Diskařská 1
Tram N°22 & 23. Swat away for 250 - 430Kč per hour.

LTK Cibulka

 Praha 5, Ve stráni 485/11
Take bus N°123.

Sportovní areál HAMR

 Praha 10, Záběhlická

Tenisová hala LTC Podolí

 Praha 4, Dvorecké nám.2

Tenisový klub Písnice

 Praha 4, Na okruhu
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