Crime & Safety in Romania

We do not exaggerate when we say that Romania's cities are amongst the safest in Europe. Violent crime is rare and almost always carried out exclusively between rival gangs who often fight for territory in the less-salubrious areas of Bucharest and other major cities.

However, if you do not go looking for trouble the chances of you getting into any are tiny. While pickpockets are everywhere (you should be particularly careful on crowded buses, and always watch your bag in busy pubs and clubs), petty thieves are a cowardly lot in Romania and will run a mile at the first sign of any resistance. Knife-crime is unheard of, and even women can walk the city’s streets alone at night in safety.

The Romanian police force is also far better and less corrupt than it used to be and keeps a visual presence on city streets, especially in busy areas.

In a nutshell though, do not worry. Of all Romania’s many, many problems, crime really is the least of them.

In an emergency call 112 for Police, Ambulance or Fire Services.

In Bucharest, the main police station is at Str. Lascar Catargiu 22 (halfway between Piata Romana and Piata Victoriei), tel. +40 21 212 56 84).

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