Gara de Nord to Otopeni

Getting in a hurry from Gara de Nord to Bucharest's airport Otopeni is not easy. The best way is probably by taxi, but in bad traffic it can take a while: up to 45 minutes or even an hour on a bad day.

Indeed, it will not take all that much longer taking the bus, 780 which runs direct from Gara de Nord to Otopeni. Or take the metro from Gara de Nord one stop to Piata Victoriei, and then bus 783.

It is not much quicker by train, either. Though a service now runs every hour through the day from Gara de Nord's platfrom 13 to Otopeni airport, the final leg of the journey (at the airport) is by bus and adds 20 minutes to the total journey time. Allow an hour at least if taking this option. Tickets for the airport train are bought at the standard ticket booths at the station and cost 8.10 lei one-way, kids and pensioners half-price.

In all cases, allow at least one hour for the journey to the airport.

Information about using public transport (metro, bus, trams) in Bucharest is in the Public Transport section.

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