Manuc Bistro

Bucharest's oldest inn (and one of only two surviving 19th century caravanserai in Europe - the other is in Albania). Nowhere else in the city can rival the setting, and fortunately the food is more than a match for the surroundings. Sit in the gorgeous courtyard (when the weather allows, of course) and enjoy a beer or good Romanian food: don't miss the mici, the local speciality, but there is much more besides. We rather liked the baked duck served with stewed cabbage, and the mixed grill for two people is good value. The orange and chocolate cake is the pick of the desserts.


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Manuc Bistro Comments

  • I've been to Hanul lui Manuc a few days ago. While the place is a landmark of old Bucharest and a must for every visitor for its picturesque decorum, the food was disappointing.


Open 11:00 - 01:00.


Str. Franceza 62


(+4) 021 313 14 11
(+4) 0769 07 58 44


Metro station:

Piata Unirii

Wi-fi Metro Takeaway Live Music Outside seating Air-conditioning

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