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No Such Thing as Bad Press

In 2000 the marketing director of a very well known telecoms company (it was the green one, back then) told us in no uncertain terms that he would never, ever advertise in Bucharest In Your Pocket because ‘our vision of Bucharest does not match yours.’ In a nutshell, we did not paint a rosy enough picture of the city.

Though masked in language that was far more civil, the message we got was much the same as that which Romania Mare, newspaper of the nationalist Greater Romania Party, had greeted the first issue of BIYP with a year earlier. ‘AT ODORHIEU SECUIESC THE HUNGARIANS HAVE PRINTED AN UNIMAGINABLE SWINERY AGAINST ROMANIA,’ they barked, in an article we reproduce below. They said that we claimed Bucharest was ‘a dirty, smoky and polluted city of two million people and one and a half million rabid dogs.’ That Romania was a country with ‘Europe’s last leper colony, of extreme poverty, institionalised homophobia and nationwide discrimination against gypsies.’ Guilty as charged. We said it, we meant it, and by and large much of what we wrote then remains valid today.

Later in 2000 we were again in the headlines, after daily newspaper Adevarul featured – on the front cover  - an interview with Senator Emil Tocaci who called for our guide to be banned, saying that “this tourist brochure says things that will not encourage foreign visitors to Romania.” Adevarul went on to do a further hatchet job on us, claiming in a double-page spread that we ‘promote Bucharest as a city of thieves, false policemen, pimps and prostitutes, using the money of Romanian companies to do so.’

Romania Mare, Senator Emil Tocaci and the marketing director of the green telecoms company all got worked up for one simple reason: they completely misunderstood what Bucharest In Your Pocket is. Damn right we do not attract visitors to Bucharest: that is not our job. (Though given that visitor numbers in the eight years since we first appeared have gone up by about three million per cent, we can hardly have been said to put anyone off). As a visitor’s guide our job is to provide those foreigners who do come here with the most accurate information about the city as possible. If that means warning people about stray dogs so be it. If it means pointing out that much of the city is without proper sewerage, so be it. We do not promote Bucharest, we simply report what we see. We have done that now for sixteen years, and nearly 100 issues. We will continue to do so for another 100. And another… 

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No Such Thing as Bad Press comments Add Yours

  • Parmalat - Bucharest 23 February 2011
    Yes, if the sun stops shining, Vadim Tudor will blame the Hungarians for that...
  • Radu - Calgary, Canada 03 November 2009
    I can totally see why you are being sued. Since I am originally from a nice transylvannian town I never really liked Bucharest either and I can't say that I care much for it now. However, I think you are grossly exaggerating, I don't think the place is nearly as bad you say it is and I have been there numerous times. If you said these sort of things about a poor visible minority neighbourhood in the US you would be locked up for spewing hate because that is what you are doing. If you hate the place so much why not leave and spend your time somewhere else? I know a lot of people who have lived in western cities, moved to Bucharest and never looked back, a lot of people actually enjoy living there. One thing is for sure, I will never buy your product for any city or recommend it to anyone.

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