Bucharest - Sofia

Flights to Sofia from Bucharest cost from €140, with either Tarom or Bulgaria Air. There are two or three flights per day depending on the day of the week.

There are two direct (if very slow) trains per day, one at 12:30 (arriving Sofia 22:00) and a night train leaving at 23:12 (arriving in Sofia at 09:25). Single tickets cost from €59.

Much faster (and cheaper) than the train is the daily coach linking Bucharest and Sofia. It leaves the Gara Filaret coach station next to Parcul Carol (B-7) each day at 16:00, arriving in Sofia just under seven hours later. Tickets cost 100 lei and can be bought direct from the driver, or online at http://www.etapgroup.com/?lang=_en.

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Bucharest - Sofia Comments

  • Hi Adam, Your post is very informatuve for me. Thank you. May I ask by any chance they might run out of ticket? I wish to get the tickets online but since i live far away, how should i collect my tickets? They do not have any delivery services or eticket? I'm a little worried because i will be travelling with my family of 4. And we will be in trouble if we can get the tickets on the spot from the driver. Please advice. Thank you.
  • Hi Adam - London, how much was it from Bucharest to Sofia?
  • I took the bus from Bucharest to Sofia on 24 March and the bus does not leave from the Double T coach stop. It leaves from Filaret bus station and the bus company is Grup Plus. There is no ticket booth for Grup Plus you just pay the driver. The bus is not parked on the street but is inside the station.

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