Bucharest Buses, Trams & Metro

Bucharest is served by an extensive public transport network, made up of bus, trolleybus, tram and metro.

All forms of public transport in Bucharest are very cheap.

Bucharest Metro

Opened in 1979, Bucharest’s metro is improving. Now with four lines and 45 stations, the system is clean, reliable, safe and cheap.

The most frequently used line is the north-south M2 line (going from Pipera to IMGB, taking in Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana, Universitate and Unirii on the way). Services on line M3, which serves Gara de Nord and many residential areas, can be infrequent, as can line M1, which runs on a similar route.

Line M4 is new, but only currently has six stations serving residential districts in the northwest of the city. Tickets valid for two journeys cost 5.00 lei, tickets valid for ten journeys cost a bargain 20.00 lei.
Trains run between 05:30 - 23:30 and are supposed to run with a frequency of between 3-12 minutes.

Bucharest metro map

View a large version of our Bucharest Metro map here.

Read more about the Bucharest Metro here.

Trams, Buses & Trolleybuses

Bucharest has hundreds of bus routes and tens of trams, serving every part of the city, including a a number of suburban villages.

You should keep your wits about you when in a Bucharest bus or on a tram, and keep your hand on your wallet at all times.

Buses run from very early in the morning (around 04:30) to around 23:00 (earlier at weekends), after which the night buses, see below, take over). 

Most bus services are very good, with waiting times short. 

Tram services are often a little more sporadic, although it does depend on the route.

Bucharest Bus Route Map

Bucharest Trolleybus Route Map

Bucharest Tram Route Map

Also worth a mention are the express routes serving the airport, 780 (from Gara de Nord) and 783 (from Piata Unirii).

Night Buses

Bucharest now has a vast network of night buses, which serve all areas of the capital throughout the night. All routes depart from the southern side of Piata Unirii.

Most night bus services run at hourly intervals.

Bucharest Night Bus Route Map

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