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The Smoking Issue

The Smoking Issue
In May, flying in the face of what the rest of the civilised world is up to, Romania actually softened its existing anti-smoking rules. In fact, to all intents and purposes, there will soon be no more anti-smoking rules in Romania. This Bucharest Life post – written in jest last year – could well become sound advice for the Romanian Ministry of Tourism.

This really is the Smoking Section of Europe.

So what exactly happened in May?

Simple. The parliamentary committee tasked with finalising the wording of tough new anti-smoking legislation threw the law out of the window and came up with something completely different. Kind of.

You see, while smoking will – as planned – now be theoretically outlawed in all public spaces (that’s the bit of the law which they will send to the EU), the owners of those public spaces will now be able to override the law and decide for themselves if a place is to be designated smoking or non-smoking.

If a place decides to designate itself as a smoking venue (and let’s face it, they all will) under the new law it will not even have to have a non-smoking section.

In our listings, we have used non-smoking symbols carefully. Basically, unless a venue has designated itself as totally non-smoking, then you should consider it a smoking venue. That does not mean there will not be a non-smoking section, but you should expect separation of the two areas to be rudimentary at best.

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The Smoking Issue comments Add Yours

  • alex - alexandria, va 06 March 2013
    n the face of what the rest of the civilized world is up-find it a little bit offensive ;)
  • Val - Sofia, Bulgaria 17 December 2012
    It's a pity. In Bulgaria since 1/6/2012 it's totally forbidden to smoke in all closed places including: discothèques, restaurants, offices even in football stadiums!
  • Karla - Oberbillig, Germany 03 January 2012
    Not a good place for asthmatics I think.
  • Pete Nails - Gyrrrrmph, Albania 22 February 2011
    Smoking ban, what smoking ban?
  • alex - bucharest, romania 18 March 2009
    Do you know any nice cafe or restaurant in Bucharest which is for non -smokers or has a room free of smoke (place which is not located in windowless basement or in a corner of the smoking room).The pace where you can pop in for a coffee or lunch without risking that your clothes will stink of smoke?
  • Ingemar - Gothenburg, Sweden 08 March 2009
    Well, even I can admit it; smoking is bad for your health. But me, myself will pity the day when Romania fully transforms into any other European country. The "Wild-West"-feeling you sometimes still experiences in Bucharest is (IMHO) pretty liberating. Lets see for how long it will last...

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