Morgan La Dud

Morgan La Dud
Dud in Romanian means mulberry, so you will understand the reason behind the name of this place the minute you see an impeccably preserved Morgan and step inside the gorgeous courtyard complete with mulberry tree in the middle. The food is special, from the pasta (all made on the premises) to the exciting variations of Romanian classics (sarmale made with mutton and rolled in mulberry leaves, for example). The White Duchess gateaux makes for a smashing dessert. With a range of fine wines from one of Romania's best vineyards this place is top notch.


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Morgan La Dud Comments

  • I am a rather old customer of the Morgan La Dud restaurant. I found this place exactly the second day after it had opened under the current management. The reason was my endeavor to meet my friends in a nice place that was not the old centre of Bucharest, which I really dislike. I do not appreciate noisy establishments, both soundwise and visually, the kind that are "in-your-face" and perfect for "look-at-me" types. I entered and was, from the first glance, pleasantly impressed. The decor has not changed much during the last 3 years, and the personnel is, largely, the same. What makes me come back time and again is the atmosphere created by the restaurant particular ambiance, personnel, food and attention afforded to every aspect and detail. From the upstairs salon, with its extremely intimate ambiance, given by the relaxing colors and pleasant tables forever laden with very clean crystal plates and glasses, to the impecable bathrooms provided by the restaurant and the romantic impressions left by the restaurant's garden, whenever I am asked by anyone to describe it, I can only find words of praise. The waiters' discretion and the dexterity and finesse with which they place the cutlery, the excellent plating executed by the sous-chefs "militarily" trained by the restaurant's chef, coupled with the exquisite taste of the food served convince me every time I leave having just finished a meal that I have made, yet again, the right choice. Recently, they changed the menu, something they do every 6 months. It makes no sense to list the multitude of excellent products, but I can make a personal recommendation. The curry sauce shrimp, parmentier de canard and egyptian princess cake are excellent. Coupled with their Eclipse Merlot, I guarantee you will be very pleased by your choice.


Open 12:00 - 24:00. Closed Mon.


Str. Sperantei 7


(+4) 0752 70 03 00


Wi-fi Takeaway Live Music Outside seating Air-conditioning

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