Bucharest's Markets

Bucharest's Markets
Bucharest is home to a number of markets, most of which stock a wide range of produce, at prices often (but not always) cheaper than the supermarkets.

In season fruit and vegetables tend to be local, but do check what you are buying if you really want to make sure you are getting local produce. In winter, expect almost everything to be imported and priced accordingly.

Beyond the produce markets there are a couple of bazaar-type places worth visiting, not least Complex Comercial Rahova, a place that stocks cheap everything. Take tram No. 32 from Piata Unirii to (almost) the end of the line to find it.

The big Flower Market on Calea Rahovei is also well worth a visit.

Also look out for occasional arts, crafts, peasant and antiques markets too: these are quite common on summer weekends.

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