St. Joseph's Cathedral [Catedrala Sfântul Iosif]

St. Joseph's Cathedral
This austere red brick cathedral, the main place of worship for Bucharest's Roman Catholics, was built in 1883 to the designs of Austrian architect Friedrich Schmidt. Its mainly Neo-Romanesque facade incorporates Gothic elements, notably the portal and sublime rose window.

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St. Joseph's Cathedral Comments

  • Bucharest has lots of historical buildings and beautiful churches. It is pity that this city is spoilt by poorly design constructions such as "Cathedral Plaza" built next to St. Joseph Cathedral.Companies responsible for these constructions must admit and be more aware of potential damages made to Bucharest city and also to St. Joseph Cathedral.M Coffelt
  • The truth about ugliness of the 20 floor office building in Bucharest is a reality. I had an opportunity to visit Bucharest on Sunday 14th December 2008 and I couldn't believe what I saw. The building gives the most dreadful view to the surroundig buildings.The construction is very, very ugly. In the future, I hope that the governors in Bucharest will look for better architecture, suitable for nearby surroundings, and they should really take care for historical buildings such as St. Joseph Cathedral - (which is very beautiful).Mr Pascal Philbert
  • How on earth an ugly office building in Bucharest is built next to the most beautiful historical monuments and 19th century St Joseph Cathedral?These people must be mad and blind!"Do something about its ugliness"
  • Unfortunately,corruption is taking place in many projects in Romania. They should get rid of corroptive people as soon as possible, and let protect the most beautiful, historical building in Bucharest, St.Joseph Cathedral.Firstly, a new office building shouldn't be build on the earth-quake zone and very close to the Cathedral.Secondly, even now, when I look at two buildings, the 20 floor office building gives such an appolling, awful view not only to the Cathedral but also it gives disfiguration to the whole surrounding area.I really look forward to hearing a different solution to this problem.Irena Matkowska


Religious service in Spanish every Sunday 12:15.


Str. General Berthelot 19


(+4) 021 313 19 43
(+4) 021 201 54 06
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