Jewish Bucharest / The Jews of Bucharest

As recently as 1937 there were over 100,000 Jews and 80 synagogues in Bucharest. Now there are around 4,000 Jews and just three working synagogues.

Though small, the Jewish community is incredibly active in Bucharest, however, and besides the synagogues has a theatre, a school and a museum.

The Holocaust Memorial - which went up in 2009 - went a long way towards finally drawing a line under Romania's involvement in the Holocaust. 

For a thorough account of the Holocaust in Romania, we recommend Radu Ioanid's book Holocaust in Romania: The Destruction of Jews & Gypsies by the Antonescu Regime.

For a slightly different look at life as a Jew in 1930s and 40s Romania, you can do no better than the brilliant Journal: The Fascist Years, by Mihai Sebastian.

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