Eurohome Relocation Services BV

Eurohome Relocation Services BV
Tailor made relocation services for companies and expats. They deal with all the difficulties that you may face in relocating to or from Russia with services dealing with everything from immigration to temporary accommodation, removals, cross cultural and language training and they can also provide help with finding good schools and daycare for children.

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Eurohome Relocation Services BV Comments

  • The address on our website has been changed and what you see here is now correct. Please note that EuroHome is a subsidiary of the larger logistics company Voerman UTS Moscow.- Editor Moscow In Your Pocket.
  • they changed address, check the new address of Voerman UTS Moscow


Open 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun.


Logistic centre Zarechie, Odintsovskiy district, ul. Torgovaya 2


(+ 7) 495 937 69 09



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