Masterskaya is a hippy inhabited ex-banya that looks part Viennese coffee house and part bohemian artist’s studio. There's live concerts most evenings and dancing later on, while during the day dreadlocked student types sit and ponder the eccentric bric-a-brac cluttering the tiled room from their seclusion of their laptops. On the ground floor you will also find their sister establishment Lady Jane which serves excellent international food early in the evenings and incredibly loud house music later on. To find it go down the alley between Neglinaya ul. and ul. Rozhdestvenka and head up to the first floor.

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Open 12:00 - 06:00.


Teatralny proezd 3, bldg. 3


(+7) 495 625 68 36


Metro station:


Credit Cards Wi-fi Live Music Air-conditioning

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