Cafe Margarita

Located right near Patriarch's Ponds, this restaurant draws its name and theme from Mikhail Bulgakov's masterpiece The Master and Margarita. Trusty Russian culinary classics like blini, borshch and pelmeni are the order of the day. It's all fresh and homely with nothing overdone. At night there are live performances by local musicians and guests are also invited to join in. Given the somewhat cramped floorspace, the cafe makes for a friendly and fun night out.



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Cafe Margarita Comments

  • Nice location but small and stuffy. Good music and the improvised maracas adds to create the ambiance. Food is just ok and they accept only cash payment. Can be better but still interesting place to have some drinks and listen to the music...overall service is ok.
  • The food was ordinary but the atmosphere particularly Russian and lots of fun. A nice cozy place to sit and drink a tea on a Sunday afternoon in the autumn or winter.


Open  13:00 - 24:00.


Mal. Bronnaya ul. 28/2


(+7) 495 699 65 34


Metro station:


Wi-fi Takeaway Live Music Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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