Bosco Sport

Bosco Sport
The one-stop shop for official Russian Olympic gear and goodies. For those who lust after a shiny white and red jacket with Russia emblazoned on, and are ready to party with more than a months wage, Bosco is your shop. Everything is in the Russian team colours of white and red with the squiggle representing the Firebird of Russian fairytales. Fans of the Olympic mascot, Cheburashka (the famous and desperately cute Russian cartoon character) take note that there are at least three different sizes and two colours - white from the last Winter Olympics and Red for the summer Olympic Games. Also at ul. Tverskaya 4.

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Open 10:00 - 22:00.


GUM, Red Square 3


(+7) 495 620 32 15


Metro station:

Pl. Revolutsii

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