Capital Tours

Capital Tours
Offering a Kremlin tour and Moscow City bus tour,  this is a good bet if you are looking to maximise your time. The Kremlin tour takes in the grounds, cathedrals and the Patriarchs Palace and will provide you with all the facts you'll ever want to know about the Russian tsars. The guides are very knowledgeable and have enough facts in the back of their heads to get you through even the worst Moscow traffic jam. All tours are conducted in English and include entrance fees. Booking in advance is recommended  (there's even online reservation) or you can just turn up to their office on the day. The bus tour takes in a wider part of Moscow and technically you can hop and off it, although the buses don't go that often so it's best just to stay on the bus.

Kremlin Grounds walking tour:1,600Rbl (3 hrs., admission incl., min. 4 people). Point of departure: Capital Tours office or a central located hotel. Booking is required two days before the tour before 10:00. 24hrs ticket for Hop on-Hop Off bus tour: 600Rbl with 5% discount. Visit the website for more tours.

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Open 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun.


Gostiny Dvor, Ul. Ilyinka 4, entrance No.6 (go down the stairs), office 21


(+7) 495 232 24 42


Metro station:

Kitay Gorod

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