World Press Photo 2012
2012-05-19 - 2012-07-01

The winners of the most prestigious award in photojournalism come to Moscow again this year. More than 100,000 photographs were submitted from over 125 countries across the globe and whittled down to this stunning collection of winning images which capture the biggest events of 2011 - a year which was one of the most turbulent and traumatic in recent history. Pictures from the devastating tsunami in Japan dominate as do the extraordinary scenes of war and revolution during the 'Arab Spring' and the ongoing aftermath of the global economic crisis. Stories from the Russian part of the world also feature amongst the finalists.

Admission free.

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World Press Photo 2012 Comments

  • Admission is not free but it was still a great exhibit nonetheless. It is 350 Rubles (US $12) and takes about 30 minutes to see the entire exhibit. There are some English descriptors so that is helpful.


Art Centre Vetoshny, Vetoshny per. 13


Metro station:

Pl. RevolyutsiiView in

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