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Pushkin and Pavlovsk

Pushkin and Pavlovsk
Tsarskoye selo or Pushkin? Both names still apply to one of St. Petersburg’s most famous imperial villages. The summer home of the Romanov tsars for centuries Tsarskoye Selo or the Royal Village was renamed Pushkin following the communist revolution in honour of one of its other well-known residents, the poet Alexander Pushkin. In 2010 the town celebrated its 300th birthday and following intense restoration works Pushkin's many treasures are sparkling. Regardless of the time of year, sightseeing opportunities abound from the spectacular Catherine Park and Amber room of Catherine's Palace to the quieter Alexander Palace or the literary school museum. For a bite to eat there are good Russian restaurants in town as a well as one or two pubs.

Pavlovsk may lack the glitz and glamour of its more famous neighbour but it holds its own in historical significance, sightseeing opportunities and boasts a less manicured pastoral elegance that is all its own. Not to mention being slightly eschew of the standard tourist trail means a less crowded trip, with a chance to see the locals enjoying their own culture.

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