Getting there


From Moscow's Kursky vokzal (station) express trains "Lastochka" leave at 11:00, 14:15 and 16:45 to Vladimir, the price of a ticket is around 500Rbl and the tickets can be purchased from the machines at the right side of the station where local (prigorodnie) trains leave from. The journey to Vladimir takes about 2 hours.

At Vladimir you need to cross over to the bus station and buy a ticket (approx 65Rbl) for the bus to Suzdal (journey time is around 50 minutes), which leaves every half an hour from 06:30 until 21:40. The bus will take you to the bus station at the edge of Suzdal and there you can take another bus or a taxi that will take you into the centre (the centre of Suzdal is approximately a 40 minute walk from the bus station).

Alternatively you can get to Vladimir by one of the buses that leave from the Moscow Central bus station (metro Shchelkovskaya). The price for the bus is about 250Rbl and the buses tend to leave every hour or so, depending on when the driver has decided that the bus is full enough to set off. Be sure to check that your bus is heading to Vladimir as there are many buses here that also head off to completely different Russian cities too. The bus usually makes one toilet stop on route and the journey can take about between 3 and 4 hours depending on traffic.

As Suzdal is a very small town of only around 10,000 people, it is a place that is very easily navigated on foot.

In bad weather (especially rainy weather) you should bear in mind that many of Suzdal's streets are not paved and so can become very muddy, so bring appropriate footwear with you. Similarly in winter, the town is usually blanketed in pristine white snow, under which is almost always a precarious layer of ice, so sturdy boots are a must.

For getting to the bus station to catch a bus back to Vladimir, you can choose to walk for 40 minutes or pay one of the local taxi drivers 100Rbl to drive you there. The buses heading to Suzdal bus station from the main square leave very sporadically.

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