Na Zdorovie!

This cheerful, cosy restaurant called Na Zdorovie (Russian for "to your health!") serves excellent Russian and Soviet cuisine. It is a good restaurant for tourists looking for a taste of typical Russian food. Take our word for it, everything we tried here tasted really fresh - as if a Russian babushka (grandmother) prepared it herself. Don"t forget to try the typical Russian drinks kvas and mors.


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Na Zdorovie! Comments

  • The address is right. We found it easily from Petrogradskaja side. The food was excellent ja the interior wonderful. See you again!
  • My friends and I returned last week from St. Petersburg. My favourite city! We visit this restaurant. Very fun!)) huge portions of ravioli!! we rememdersd childhood.)
  • Touristic. Quite pleasant interior reminiscent of a Russian peasant farm house, with historic wooden farm implements and woodworking tools. Good food. Not expensive. I had the aspen mushrooms and boiled potatoes (the latter were slightly overdone), pike-perch pelmeni and fish soup. All were good, except the rice pirozji that came with the soup was disappointing; not all of the rice was fully cooked and they were a bit greasy. The waitress really impressed me with her lack of sincerity and eagerness to take away my food before I was finished. The balalaika player (with computer-based accompaniment) was technically quite good but played only one Russian melody, apparently preferring jazz and Latin tunes in his short set. The kitchen closed early before I could order more or dessert. Overall impression: a bit contrived but good, authentic Russian food for a fair price.
  • I tried to find this restaurant, but I did not succeed. Is it really Большой проспект 13/4?


Open 12:00 - 23:00.


PS, Bolshoy pr. 13/4


(+7) 812 232 40 39


Metro station:


Credit Cards Wi-fi Guarded parking Takeaway Live Music Child-friendly Air-conditioning

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