This island of British culture, located near the Fontanka river, has beer from all around the world, including more than ten on tap, as well a good selection of superior whiskeys. The snacks and food are good too (the chicken wings are our favourites) and come in huge portions. Don’t forget to try the breakfast here - it's a great hangover cure and really authentically British. Dickens offers a pub atmosphere, as close to a real British pub as you'll find in Russia, and also features a fine dining restaurant on the second floor.


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Dickens Comments

  • Dicken's is the nicest pub in the city. That is quite a statement since there are well over a hundred in the city center and nearby. The quality of the food, the long time friendly staff, the festive and social but not rowdy atmosphere, spotless interior, and genuinely nice patrons. I do not go as often as I should and find more closer to my home but every time I go, months apart, the staff remembers me and there is consistency. Most have been there for years so know their craft and give a home sort of feeling miles from home. The crowd can be quite packed, most of young college students and young professionals.
  • Good English Beer, fantastic Scottish Whiskey and Irish Jokes! What a place. The food is excellent and the Breakfast Porridge is Perfect!
  • Definitely the best pub in town.- widest range of beer- coolest and friedliest staff- food is 'ocin fkusna' - very tasty! - best music and on request- relaxed-friendly-partying atmosphere- showing best football and main sports events since arriving in St Pets i've fallen in love with the place and after 8 months i've almost graduated as a 'local'btw - the Breakfast (after a night out!) is SUPER! well done Dima and all at Dickens! cheers


Open 12:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 03:00.


Nab. reky Fontanky 108


(+7) 812 702 62 63



Metro station:

Sennaya pl.

Credit Cards Wi-fi Takeaway Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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