The management behind this shop had seen the success of charity shops in Europe and were scratching their heads wondering why such shops didn’t exist in Russia too. Then they struck on the idea that the best solution was to simply open their own charity shop. Bring your old unwanted clothes here or pick-up someone else’s for anything between 10Rbl and a maximum of 500Rbl. Proceeds go towards a local homeless charity and the Upsala Circus for disadvantged children. As well as vintage and everyday clothes, you can also find books and various nick-nacks for pennies. Also at Kovensky per. 23, metro Pl. Vosstaniya.

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Open 12:00 - 21:00.


Gorokhovaya ul. 50/79 (corner of nab. reki Fontanky)


(+7) 911 748 71 37


Metro station:


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