Nevsky Souvenir Shop

One stop shopping for reminders of your visit or for all your loved ones back home, priced to fit any and all budgets. Hand painted matryoshkas, chess boards and boxes representing different schools of painting – the icon tradition and the realist tradition. Faberge style eggs and natural amber necklaces in some stunning designs, along with hand-blown glass figurines and ornaments are contrasted by quirkier items like scarves, puppets, magnets, key rings and oven gloves. Clothing items include standard t-shirts but they also have some beautiful traditional flowered scarves and embroidered linen peasant shirts and aprons. The helpful English speaking staff can also help you to book tickets for the theatre and tours.

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Open 09:00 - 22:00.


Nevsky pr. 22-24 (entrance at Bol. Konyushennaya ul. 12)


(+7) 812 954 78 53


Metro station:

Nevsky pr.

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