Subtle, romantic, relaxing and quiet. All perfect words to describe Pavlovsk. Only 27km from the big city, it feels like a world away. The small town hosts the fascinating Pavlovsk Palace, encompassed by a huge 1,500 English-style acre park. Tall trees, winding streams and endless paths scattered with classical statues and flanked by benches make for many a secluded spot. If you have active children who need a place to blow off some steam, pack a picnic and make an afternoon of it. The enchanting Pavlovsk Palace, with its magnificent neoclassical interior, is a feast for the eyes. The country residence of the Imperial family boasts beautiful architecture and captivating history. Certainly not as grand as Peterhof, but much less touristy, Pavlovsk is a great place to get away from it all.

Getting there: From Kupchino metro station marshrutka 286, 545; from Moskovskaya metro station take marshrutka 299; from Vitebsky station or metro station Kupchino (last stop of blue line) take a local train to Pavlovsk station (journey time 35minutes) which is just next to the entrance to the Pavlovsk park.

Admission to park 80 - 150Rbl. Admission to palace 250 - 450Rbl.

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Park open daily 10:00 - 20:00. Palace open 10:00 - 17:00. Closed first Mon of the month.


(+7) 812 452 15 36



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