Adult entertainment

They say sex did not exist in the Soviet Union. Not sure whether you believe it but we certainly don’t. With the free market coming to Russia the adult entertainment industry opened its doors too, and unmasked its secrets… It is nowadays difficult to say what kind of service is not available on the market. There are even male strip clubs especially for women wishing to go wild.

Please keep in mind that officially prostitution is still illegal in Russia. However, looking at naked girls in strip clubs, having one give you a massage or paying a hot Russian woman to join you for dinner is perfectly legal. In fact, many clubs or ordinary discotheques offer pole dancing with beautiful dancers.

Strip Clubs
Striptease is big business in Russia and seems almost as much a part of nightlife culture now as vodka and Euro pop. Russians have made from pole dancing not only an erotic but also an acrobatic act. If you want to admire attractive ladies and enjoy professionally choreographed dances be prepared to pay high admissions for a correspondingly high quality of stripping. Extras like a lap dance, dance in a private room or a special request such as a lesbi-dance, shower shows, retro pioneer themed strip or whatever else floats your boat, of course cost extra.

Erotic massage
The places listed here have strictly ‘no sex’ policies, these are just sexy massage parlours where you can relax under the expert hands and body of a pretty naked lady and look forward to what they like to call a ‘very happy ending’. Erotic massages can range from a classic sensual rub up, to underwater, soapy, honey and even a show massage which may involve more than one girl. Couples massages and massages for women are also available. We once sent a mystery guest to an erotic massage salon who came back with such enthusiast stories about the ‘healing hands’ that touched him he still tells these stories abroad.

At reputable escort and model agencies you are paying for the companionship of a nice looking lady. You may also choose to take her for a drink, to the theatre or for dinner or just for a long walk and a chat.

For men (or women) wanting more, take into account the following advice. Again, keep in mind that officially prostitution is illegal. We do not recommend picking up women or prostitutes at night along Russian streets or boulevards, especially if you do not speak Russian. Apart from running the risk to get sedated and robbed, it might be dangerous for your health too; Russia has an increasing rate of HIV.

It might happen that you meet a one-night-stand (or your future wife) in a club or a bar – some expats run into new adventures every week. Be aware that it is not always clear if this is a paid ‘love’ or not. Be careful inviting women to your home after your first chat and watch your drinks carefully… We know stories of guys bringing a nice Russian lady home and waking up the next day with an enormous headache, an empty wallet, an empty fridge, no laptop, and even the washing powder stolen!

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