This ultra clean multilevel dance complex (where chewing gum is banned!) is extremely popular with teenagers. Choose from techno, Eurodance and Russian pop. If you tired of dancing, there's also karaoke, a dance show and soft porn in the chill-out room. Metro has strict face-control, but the sturdy male and female bouncers are polite as they frisk you.

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Metro Comments

  • Great and fun!
  • Great place. Although we were the oldest there I think, we surely had lots of fun with the youngsters there. Great music, stylish interior and good dancing space.
  • Metro is the best place for kids to go most nights of the week, it is packed on Saturday night such that dancing or even ordering a drink is next to impossible. Those over 22 might feel out of place but with the 3 floors of different music, and good layout, and design stylish post industrial decor it is probably the nicest place for a 16y.o. to go.


Open 22:00 - 06:00.


Ligovsky pr. 174


(+7) 812 766 02 04


Metro station:

Ligovsky pr.

Wi-fi Guarded parking Live Music Air-conditioning

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