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They've made great use of the space here, with an intimate DJ bar for the stool-warming set adjacent to a large bi-level stage area where you can see some up-and-coming rock groups. For those who've been in town awhile, you never know who you'll bump into here on the packed weekends. Only the queue for coat check on your way in could be cause for complaint. Otherwise, it's a great place to drink, dance, be merry and find a friend. Just be aware as the hour progresses, often quicker than you think, the crowd tends to get more than a little drunk and often more than a little rowdy, too.

Face control.

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Open 18:00 - 06:00.


Nab. kan. Griboedova 7 (in the yard)


(+7) 812 712 07 34


Metro station:

Nevsky pr.

Live Music Outside seating Air-conditioning

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