With its high ceilings and groovy modern décor, Radiobaby has been cleverly divided with the dance floor, bar and chill-out room all flowing into one another so you can rock, drink and relax all in one place.  The crowd is a diverse mix of hipsters and the old-guard and the DJs are local favorites who know how to keep the energy up.  The no house, no techno rule is in effect. Entrance is through the archway and to the left.

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Radiobaby Comments

  • Hey Great Great Club, I was there last saturday 18 of August by night, and it was great. I'd like to find 2 girls that I meet there. Could I see pics of that night plizzzzzz Its very very important for me, thank you so much


Open 18:00 - 06:00.


Kazanskaya ul. 7


Metro station:

Nevsky pr.

Wi-fi Live Music Air-conditioning

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