Belgrade Beer Fest
2013-08-14 - 2013-08-18

Belgrade Beer Fest
With more than 500,000 visitors over six days, the Belgrade Beer Fest™ has grown into one of the most recognizable events that Serbia's capital city has to offer, and has been named among the world's top 20 events that should be experience, according to the Independent.

This year the event celebrates its 11th anniversary,
 and organisers expect a record number of visitors than ever before, including even more from abroad. Besides fun and good music, visitors are also involved in subjects of greater social importance. In the past the Belgrade Beer Fest has joined campaigns such as the "Belgrade baby club,"  with all income from the sale of festival souvenirs (T-shirts, caps and hats) being donated for the purchase of packages that every baby born in Belgrade gets.

Beer Fest souvenirs will be sold before the festival at promotional stand in front of the Ušće Shopping Centre, and also during the festival. This year the festival
 also continues the "I choose to recycle" campaign for the fourth year. In cooperation with the utility services of the city of Belgrade, the festival is organising ecological monitoring services, which will clean the bins at the festival during the evening and at the same time will raise awareness regarding the need for environmental protection.

Admission free of charge.

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  • Welcome to Belgrade Beer Fest :)


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