Belgrade Calling
2012-06-27 - 2012-06-29

Belgrade Calling
This summer the beautiful Ušće Park, set in New Belgrade at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, will be the setting for one of the largest music festivals that the city have ever seen, with headliners including the legendary Ozzy Osbourne featuring guitarist extraordinaire Slash, the criminally underrated American rock band Faith No More, and the absurdly popular British singer Jesse J (who we had literally never heard of before writing this, but apparently has hundreds of millions of views on on Youtube). For us some of the 'supporting' acts are even more noteworthy, with the likes of Public Enemy, the Cult, Public Image Ltd, Orbital and the Horrors all taking to the stage over the festival's three days. Definitely one event not to be missed!

Tickets €30-40 for single day, €60 for two days or €80 for all three days.

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Ušće Park


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