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The Kolpa River

The Kolpa River
Named a European Destination of Excellence in 2010, the pristine Kolpa river is often referred to as Slovenia's longest coastline. While this distinction is meant to have a bit of fun at the expense of the country's diminutive 47km long Mediterranean coast, it's more a testament to the Kolpa's popularity as an aquatic destination, especially during the hot summer months when the water of the lower river can reach a bath-like 30°C. Forming some 113km of Slovenia's (Schengen) border with Croatia, the river begins its journey in Osilnica, the country's smallest municipality and the land of Peter Klepec. From there it winds its way through the breathtaking green hills of Kolpa Gorge, past Kostel's famous castle and the thick bear-filled forests of Kočevje, before it slows down and meanders along the entire south and east edges of Črnomelj, finally moving through some of Slovenia's best wine growing land in Metlika before entering Croatia and eventually joining the Sava river at the end of its 297km journey.

These lands touched by the Kolpa's placid waters have much more to offer visitors than just the river itself though. They include a diverse selection of protected natural landscapes, rich cultural and culinary heritage, and genuinely friendly welcoming locals who will make you feel at home the moment you arrive. In the pages below we've presented a brief overview of the things to see and do in the region, but if you still need more convincing, or would just like to see some more photos, you can visit the official Kolpa river website (yes, even river's have websites these days) at

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