Though twice as populous as its neighbour Osilnica upriver, with less than 700 inhabitants Kostel is still one of the smallest municipalities in Slovenia. However, thanks to its famous castle - perfectly placed atop a hill overlooking one of the most picturesque stretches of the Kolpa river valley - the name Kostel is well-known throughout the country. The municipality is more than just one building though, and the main built-up area here (if you can call it that) is the settlement of Fara and several other small hamlets further down the road leading to the border crossing with Croatia. The incredibly rugged karst landscape is perfect for hikers and cyclists looking for a bit of a challenge and a lot of beautiful scenery. There are a few tourist farms to stop at for a bite, and lots of natural attractions, such as waterfalls and caves. If you stay here on a cold night, don't forget to fortify your own spirit with the locally produced spirit called Kostelska Rakija, while in the summertime the biggest day on the calendar is 15 August, when the traditional Tamburanje va Kostele ethnological festival is held.  

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