Kostanjevica na Krki In Your Pocket

Kostanjevica, or Kostanjevica na Krki as it is formally known, is the only town in Slovenia to be completely surrounded by water, and is one of the oldest settlements in the country. Situated on man-made island in the middle of the Krka river, aerial shots of the picture perfect town can be found on postcards throughout Slovenia.

Only 500m long and 200m wide, it is virtually impossible to get lost here as there are only two roads which run in parallel down the island and form a loop at either end, before leading across wooden bridges to the mainland. While the old town itself can be thought of as one large open-air tourist site, most of the area's main attractions are located to the north and south of the island, including the mysterious Krakov Forest, the still largely unexplored Kostanjevica Cave, and the unequalled art complex known as the Božidar Jakac gallery, located within the former Kostanjevica monastery. This is also the heart of wine country, and the surrounding foothills the Gorjanci mountains are dotted with vineyards and tourist farms.

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