Arriving & Transport

Arriving by train
From Ljubljana, there isn’t a train that takes you all the way to Kranjska Gora, but if you have a rail pass you want to take advantage of, it is possible to travel by train to Jesenice and then catch a bus the rest of the way (30minutes - 20km). There are stations in nearby Tarvision (Italy) and Villach (Austria), both being just 20km away means that a taxi is feasible.
Arriving by bus
Buses from Ljubljana leave once an hour throughout most of the day. The trip takes exactly two hours and lets you soak up the amazing Alpine scenery. The bus drops you off in Kranjska Gora, a five-minute walk from the main square. A one-way trip costs around €8.
Arriving by car
To get to Kranjska Gora from Ljubljana, head north on the motorway towards Kranj and Jesenice. Pass Kranj (and Ljubljana airport) and continue in the direction of Jesenice. Once there you will see signs for Kranjska Gora. But be careful, if you miss the exit, you’ll wind up driving through the eight-kilometre-long Karavanke Tunnel into Austria! After exiting in Jesenice, continue following the signs for Kranjska Gora. From Austria, the road leads from Villach over the Korensko sedlo border crossing or through the Karavanke tunnel. From Italy, head from the motorway at Tarvisio to the border crossing at Rateče. 

Arriving by plane
A 45 minute drive from Ljubljana Airport (66 km); a mere 40 minute drive from the airport in Klagenfurt (Austria) and an hour and 40 minutes from the airport at Trieste (Italy). 

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