Casino Korona

Casino Korona
The choice of casinos in the town is limited to two main establishments, which are wildly popular with Italian tourists. Korona is the only casino in Kranjska Gora where you can play live table games. It also has slot machines, bingo every evening, a poker room and concerts/events every Friday and Saturday.

Free admission.

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  • E' dal 1990 (era ancora Jugoslavia) che ad agosto/sett. passo le vacanze a Kranjska Gora, sono il fautore del gemellaggio tra il Vs paese e la mia cittadina (Santa Marinella). Ho fatto conoscere Kranjska a molti miei concittadini e continuerò a farlo, perchè amo Kranjska Gora.


Vršiška 23


+386 (0)4 587 80 00
fax:+386 (0)4 588 13 22


Credit Cards Casino Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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