Žiri Museum [Muzej Žiri]

Žiri Museum
The main tourist sight within the town of Žiri itself is the well-maintained city museum, which is arranged thematically to present the main topics of importance for the city and wider area. It is set at the far south end of town in what was originally a country manor house for the noble families of Škofja Loka before being converted to a school and then finally a museum in 1970. On the ground floor there is a presentation of Žiri's history, including its time as a border town, and it's possible to watch a short film on the topic with a voiceover in English. If you plan to take a tour of Rupnik's line and its famous bunkers, we recommend making a stop here first. Here you can also find collections detailing lace-making and the events of the Second World War.

The first floor holds a small but impressive exhibition of paintings by local artists, most of which date from the past few decades, as well as perhaps the most complete presentation of shoemaking that we've ever seen. In addition to tracing the history of the craft, visitors can also see several large display cases of shoes and boots produced by the local Alpina factory - including those worn by the first Slovene to reach the summit of Mt Everest, the pair of red ski boots responsible for the company's first Red Dot award in 2008 and some unexpectedly elegant items of lady's evening wear.

Admission €2.00-2.20

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