Shop Tax Free in Slovenia

Shop Tax Free in SloveniaTax Free Shopping in Slovenia
If you're a resident of a non-EU member state, you're eligible to take advantage of tax free shopping while visiting Slovenia. If you spend over €50 at any shop displaying the Global Refund 'Tax Free' logo, they can issue you with a special Refund Cheque when you pay. At shops that don't officially participate in the program, you'll need to ask for a special invoice for foreigners - you can still get the refund, it just involves a little more red tape. When you leave the EU just show the item you purchased and relevant paperwork to a customs official, who will give you the necessary stamps. You can then receive cash or credit at any of the many Global Refund Offices around the world - at Ljubljana's Brnik airport this is located at the news agents in the check-in area. However, before making any extravagant purchases assuming you'll receive a 20% discount, make sure to double-check your departure info, especially if you have a layover in another EU country on your way home. Not all customs offices are open 24 hours, so depending on the time and length of your layover, it may be next to impossible to get the official stamps you need.

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