Traffic penalties increased in Slovenia

Although the number of road deaths in Slovenia decreased dramatically after stiffer fines for traffic violations and drink driving were introduced in 2008, the penalties were again raised as of 1 July 2011. Police have also seemed to become more vigilant in enforcing traffic laws in recent years, especially in smaller towns and wine regions. Drivers from other EU states should be aware both fines and points against their driver's license will be enforced across EU borders, while drivers from outside the EU will be forced to pay on the spot in cash. Please see the chart below for a complete overview of fines and penalty points.

All fines paid on the spot or within eight days are 50% lower.

0-10km/h over €300 + 3 penalty points
10-20km/h €500 + 5 penalty points
20-30km/h €1000 + 9 penalty points
more than 30km/h €1200 + 12 penalty points
BUILT-UP AREAS (50km/h) 
0-10km/h over €100
10-20km/h €300 + 3 penalty points
20-30km/h €500 + 5 penalty points
30-50km/h €1000 + 9 penalty points
more than 50km/h €1200 + 12 penalty points
0-20km/h over €80
20-30km/h €160 + 3 penalty points
30-40km/h €300 + 5 penalty points
more than 40km/h €500 + 9 penalty points
Motorways (130km/h) 
0-20km/h over €60
20-30km/h €120
30-40km/h  €200 + 3 penalty points
40-50km/h €300 + 5 penalty points
more than 50km/h €400 + 9 penalty points


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