Just like the owner will tell you: ‘we just want to make our customers happy’. This restaurant looks like it originally wanted to sell Mexican food and then realized that it wouldn’t make everyone happy, so decided to offer more. Even though it’s the only restaurant that offers Mexican food in Bled, you can still get Italian and international dishes. Having been a professional athlete, the owner travelled extensively and is now obsessed with having the same customer service he has seen around the world, and it shows.

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  • The terrace was delightful.We also ate inside on a very busy evening and the atmophere was brilliant,everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves with the owner and waiters going out of their way to give excellent friendly and efficient service.The food was delicious,I particularly ejoyed the Trout and yacatan chicken.My husband enjoyed the steaks.We ate at some other very good restaurants in Slovenia but this is definitely my favourite.


Open 11:00-01:00.


Svobode 9


+386 (0)45 74 30 27


Credit Cards Outside seating Facilities for disabled Non-smoking

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